Our Curriculum

At Becker School, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and tailored curriculum that nurtures the personal, emotional, social, and academic development of our pupils. We expect that many of our pupils will have barriers to learning, may be working well below age expected levels and they may join us at any year group and any point.

Children learning in the classroom

How we teach our pupils

Becker School setting offers consistency and a secure, nurturing environment for all its pupils. For our younger-aged pupils, we provide a nurture-based classroom approach with a dedicated class teacher supported by a teaching assistant whereas our older pupils will begin to have input from other subject-specific teachers to prepare them for transitions from the setting.

Our curriculum for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 follows the National Curriculum, promoting ambition and excellence in teaching and enjoyment in learning. We aim to provide a rich, stimulating curriculum that is unique to our school incorporating the needs, abilities, interests, and aspirations of our pupils.

We believe in the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares them for life in Modern Britian. Therefore, our curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Science, Computer skills, Humanities, Creative Arts, Physical Education and Life Skills. We also provide a wide range of activities and opportunities within and outside of the school to promote the development of social, moral, spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) knowledge and skills development emotional, celebrate the diversity of our communities through our teaching and learning.

Community & Citizenship

Our Citizenship program fosters community and collaboration among our pupils, with opportunities for them to work together and participate in the School Council. We also involve parents, carers, specialists, and community groups to enhance the provision for all our children.

We recognise that many of our pupils may find accessing community groups very challenging due to their Special Educational Needs or life experiences. We will work to promote their understanding of community, develop social skills and resilience so pupils can feel a part of their class group, school, home and further communities. As part of this, we will plan work across many areas of the curriculum.

During the academic year we will build learning around key events such as E safety week, Anti-bullying week, Remembrance, Black History Month, Sporting Events, Charity events such as Comic relief and Macmillan Coffee and cake days.

Careers Education

At Becker School, we prioritize preparing our students for their future beyond school. Our Careers Education program follows the Gatsby Benchmarks guidance and is carefully planned to meet the individual needs and aspirations of our pupils.  Students receive weekly careers lessons tailored to their age and needs. These lessons cover a range of topics including exploring career options, developing employability skills, and understanding the world of work.

Our students also have access to independent careers advice as appropriate. This personalized approach allows our advisors to develop a deep understanding of each student’s strengths, interests, and goals, enabling them to provide tailored guidance and support.

Sex and Relationship Education

At Becker School, we believe that Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is an integral part of our curriculum. We follow the new Government Guidance on the SRE curriculum, ensuring that our students receive accurate and age-appropriate information.

We handle questions related to sex education in a sensitive, appropriate, honest, sympathetic, and supportive manner. Our aim is to create a safe and open environment where students feel comfortable discussing these topics.

Various aspects related to sex education, such as family life, loving relationships, growth, and caring for oneself and others, are covered in units of work across the curriculum. This integrated approach helps students develop a holistic understanding of these topics.

Curriculum Maps