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At Becker School, we have a structured and transparent process for considering student placements, ensuring that every decision is made with care and expertise.

This process is managed by the Headteacher and the Admissions Team.

Enquiries and consultations should be sent to

School children in the library

Stage 1: Consultation Review

The Becker team reviews any consultation received from the Local Authority, typically consisting of an anonymized Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP).

If Becker School is believed to offer a potential placement, a request is made to complete a placement suitability assessment with the Local Authority.

If Becker School is deemed unsuitable, a clear rationale is communicated with the Local Authority.

Stage 2: Assessment:

Upon assessment approval from the Local Authority, a thorough assessment is conducted for each child and their family, with ongoing communication to keep them informed.

Assessments may include visits to Becker School, the child’s existing home/provision/school/residence, and requests for further paperwork or information.

The assessment must include a meeting or contact with the child and a professional who has worked with them previously.

The assessment lead writes an assessment report and determines recommendations regarding the placement offer, which are communicated to parents/carers and the Local Authority for a decision.

Having a meeting with a Teacher

Stage 3: Preparation for placement

Following confirmation of placement from the Local Authority, the assessment lead informs parents/carers of the decision and introduces the new class teacher.

A bespoke transition package is arranged in agreement with parents/carers and begins as soon as appropriate.

The preparation stage takes a minimum of 2 weeks before the full-time provision begins, with start dates varying depending on term times, individual cases, and school capacity.

Parent/Carer enquiries

Parents or carers can inquire about provision at Becker School at any time using the contact form on our website or by emailing Please note that there may be a delay in response during the school holidays.

Becker School is proud to be part of the Polaris Community, providing exceptional education and care for children with SEND.

Contact us today to learn more about our personalised approach to education.

Part of the Polaris Community

As part of the Polaris Community, Becker School is integrated within a network that includes Education, independent fostering and adoption agencies, Leaving Care services and Contracts with a rich history of positively impacting young lives for over 30 years. Together, our nurturing community is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for every child in our care. At Becker School, we are ambitious for our children, young people, families, and staff, believing wholeheartedly in their bright futures.

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